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  Did someone say Laser Welder for $3,900?

Start the New Year
with a technology upgrade.
Laser and Pulse Arc (TIG) welders are replacing Soldering.

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As we start the new year, we are focusing on new technologies and innovations for the dental community. Currently, we are developing techniques with welders in orthodontics that will replace soldering and the tedious process of creating or repairing an ortho appliance.

We have helped introduce 3D printing to many Dentists over the past few years and feel that the technology will continue to grow, affordable machines will be built with a lifecycle designed for production required in dentistry and material selection will expand creating even more applications of this technology. STAY TUNED for more updates by adding your info to the Contact Us box below.

Laser Welding

Introducing Orion Welders for Dental

The next logical digital process for Orthodontists who are Soldering

As clinicians adopt technology offerings in their workflow, there are a miriad of choices. 

One, time consuming procedure is soldering bands and wires. Although this has been the norm for years, it is an inheriently a non-precise and messy process that requires significant pre and post processing. 

The introduction of laser welding is not new. It has been available to large production Orthodontic labs. These laser welders have been quite expensive and are normally only used by labs that have production that justify the expense.

Times are changing. Burton Randall looks for innovations that make practical sence for the individual clinician. One of the most popular innovations in 2016 was the introduction of 3D printing dental models in the dental office at a fraction of the cost from just one year before. The Form 2 Desktop 3D printer for dental has been a tremendous success. 

Now that dentists are replacing stone models with printed models, it's time to laser weld your appliances affordably, in you office and completely eliminate stone models.
Since 2008, Orion has developed 5 different product lines, each with different models and feature lists. One of these product lines and models were specifically and strategically designed to ensure that Orion Welders has the product for each of our Dental customers. 

Orion Welders will continue to be the premier leader of Pulse Arc welders thanks to our commitment and dedication to innovation. We are here for our customers and will always do what it takes to make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with their Orion products. 

Orion Welders has partnered with Burton Randall to distribute affordable laser products that will provide the next phase in digital orthodontics.
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We partner with Treatment Planning Professionals who Design your patient's appliance and send it to your iPad for approval. This leaves you with time to spend with your Patients, NOT the process. The 3D printed model and appliance are on their way to your office in only 5 days. All at the most afffordable prices available. NO TRAINING COURSE REQUIRED
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